U.S./European/Asian Tours 2015-2020

U.S./European/Asian Tours 2015-2020

Grandmother Robin Youngblood spent summer and fall 2015~2019 offering workshops, Women’s and Men’s Circles, and ceremonies traveling through America, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Australia, China and South Africa. She participated as a Wisdom Keeper at the World Wisdom Gatherings in Dalfsen, Netherlands, and Haut Bay, South Africa, as well as the Roots of the Earth, KIVA Gaathering in tthe Netherlands in 2018-2019. As well, Grandmother Robin and Grandfather Bert Gunn facilitated the first Dance to Heal the Earth ceremonies in the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, and South Africa.


Robin facilitated Pipe Ceremonies, Water Ceremonies, Women’s Rites and Moon LodgeWorkshops, Earth Constellations Workshops,  the Wheels of Co-Creation and Relationships workshops, Medicine Wheel Sacred Dance and Vision Quest ceremonies, Dance to Heal the Earth and offered private healing sessions.



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