Real History 101

Our current world situation really started long ago, before industrialization,  when patriarchal tribes decided to own land rather than being nomadic.  Nomads take only what they need and move on, allowing the land and native plants to replenish themselves.  Once people decided to ‘own’ land, they grew food and had larger families, requiring more land to grow more food, etc….creating a need to vanquish neighbors and take their land, and also creating huge farming enterprises. These enterprises included herds of animals that were ‘domesticated’ and bred to create larger herds, etc. Instead of hunting for one animal to feed the tribe, farming communities began to raise many animals, which disturbed the plant/animal ratio and balance.

We humans are a grand evolutionary experiment. We’ve been given a different kind of intelligence than the rest of creation.  This is both a blessing and a curse. We have the ability to imagine something and manifest it, these days, nearly as quickly as we can think it. However, as my mother used to say, humanity has 20/20 hindsight and very little foresight. We see something we consider to be a problem, find or invent what we think will be a solution, and implement it without knowing it’s eventual consequences.

Indigenous people, who were mostly nomadic, made decisions by council, and only changed something once they had done ceremony and received a vision that showed the effects unto the next seven generations. Now, most people have become so inured to instant gratification that they want everything now, and to heck with the long term effects.
I caution against an ‘us vs  them’ mentality. We’re all ‘us’. Wars are created by a perception of separation. We want solutions now, just as the corporations, governments and those who are the top 1%. We just want different solutions. It took the last several hundred years to get Mother Earth in this situation, and it’s going to take awhile to get us out – or – Mom could just decide to kick us off her back – or – we could go past the point of no return and extinct ourselves.
I was watching an earthquake report earlier. Reminded me that Mother is a living, breathing, moving being, and so is Father Sky. Great changes have happened over time since long before we humans arrived. And since we’ve been here, there have always been places of great abundance and places that have been barren, unable to support other species because of draughts, fires, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. Humans have certainly sped up the process over the last few hundred years since industrialization. And we are overpopulated in condensed areas, because we’ve created huge cities to support industries that use humans and in exchange, pay the money that allows them food and shelter, etc. Even now, many other cultures see America as ‘the land of opportunities’, and go to great lengths to immigrate. And they love our country when they get here because they do have freedoms and opportunies they didn’t have in their homelands. Matter of fact, they are willing to do work many born and bred Americans won’t do because they think its beneath them.

Then there’s war, economic downfall, climate change, and the influx of immigrants into Europe. That is causing huge shifts in population, economic instability, food shortages, etc. And the predictions are that, what with global warming added into the mix, there will be mass migrations all over the Earth.
When we had much smaller populations of people who were mostly nomadic anyway, Mother could support our migrations. Humans adjusted to long, slow climate changes. With the huge increase in population – from 6 billion in the early 90s to nearly 12 billion now – and the effects of carbon emissions on our climate, it’s doubtful if Mother will be able to offer enough support, and/or large populations of humans can adjust.
So we’re in for depopulation one way or another. In the times before world conquest, the animals and people were free. Tribal people mostly got along or avoided one another, occasionally had a small war, but had plenty of country to traverse and knew what plants to eat and how to hunt when needed. They could even have a few cows or sheep to herd. With the advent of shipping trade and the doctrine of Manifest Destiny came separation of the races, land ownership, slavery, slave dependent immigration, and dominance by the ‘superior’ culture. This was true in America, Africa, Australia and anywhere else Europeans immigrated to. And predominantly Eurocentric Caucasians STILL don’t even know they’re acting from privilege, and continue acting out manifest destiny.
It’s a long road to self-discovery, mending our brokenness,  correcting our course on this blue/green being who gives us Life. Gratitude is key. Love is the only answer. Along with patience, compassion, forgiveness  and reclaiming right action. And it has to come from within first. We hire our governments, even in cases of dictatorships. There are many more of us than our governing officials. We give them our power. There are many more simple people living out their daily lives than their are corporations. We give them power by our apathy, laziness, obedience, wanting and buying their goods and services. And as long as The People see ourselves as divided, and in need of those goods and services, we will continue to allow things that cause harm instead of good.
However, I’m pretty encouraged.  In my travels, I meet tons of very awake, conscious people who are re-learning the ancient, natural, indigenous values and living systems….and working to blend them with responsible new technologies to restore balance. You all are part of that, as am I. It’s a good share of why I travel, what I teach, and why I offer ceremonies everywhere I land.
Thank each and every one of you who are striving to thrive while living in balance, harmony and unity through diversity!

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