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Co-Creating New Paradigms

“To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller
“Wherever there is Love, all that is Fear must appear in order for Love to shine its Light into the Darkenss to heal it.” Robin Youngblood

Grandmother Robin Youngblood, and now the other Shamanic Ministers of Church of the Earth, are available to travel, sharing indigenous and modern wisdom, values, ceremonies to assist all to open their hearts, awaken their minds and transition from fear to Love. In this time of great change, we all have choices to make. If we make those choices in fear, our world will self-destruct. Church of the Earth’s Ministers build community, based on traditional values combined with modern technologies. Using the Medicine Wheel, and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Wheel of Co-creation, we can envision new solutions for old challenges, and work together to build a more harmonious, sustainable future unto the Seventh Generation. You can also join our Facebook group Birthing a New Earth .


Ceremonial Gatherings

Dance to Heal the Earth was first offered in South Africa in 2014. Dances  have been held in the United States, Holland, Sweden and South Africa. This year’s Dances were scheduled for the Netherlands; the United States, and South Africa. However, because of COVID-19, this year we chose to dance all together, both virtually and onsite in the Netherlands and South Africa. This was such a powerful dance! With home dancers and supporters in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, all four U.S. time zones, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Portugal, the connection field was ~ and is ~ incredible.  Stay tuned… Perhaps we’ll do it this way again.

If you’re interested in organizing, attending, supporting or dancing in a Dance to Heal the Earth  please contact us at Church of the Earth.





Robin and Church of the Earth’s other Shamanic Ministers also offer Pipe Ceremonies, Water Ceremonies, Fire Ceremonies, Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest, Rites of Passage, Baby and Home Blessings, Land Blessings and Clearings, Weddings, and many other personal and community rituals for balance, harmony and deeper understanding. Please contact us by email if you’d like us to facilitate for you.

Grandmother Circles

“When the Grandmothers speak, the world will heal.” ~ Hopi Porphecy

Grandmothers are gathering all over the world. It is our time, as strong, wise women, to come together in prayer and ceremony. Together we will determine the needs of our local communities, and form circles and councils to address those challenges. If you’d like to learn how to form a Grandmothers Circle in your area, please contact Grandmother Robin.



All our ministerial work is through Church of the Earth. No one is turned away due to economic hardship. If you are interested in a workshop, course, retreat, or any of Church of the Earth’s gatherings and ceremonies, and have a financial hardship, please contact Church of the Earth. We’ll see how we can help.

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