Grandmothers Circle the Earth


Robin is also Traveling Ambassador for Grandmothers Circle the Earth, whose mission is to co-create Grandmother Circles and Grandfather Circles in many countries. GCE was created to Promote, Support, Nurture and Administrate a grassroots initiative comprised of Indigenous Grandmothers of all Nations coming together to Create Circles, Gatherings, and Councils; bringing Sacred Ceremonies, Wisdom Teachings and a lifetime of Professional Expertise to Communities around the World. International Grandmothers working together are addressing universal topics such as Community Development, Sustainability, Renewable Resources, Elder Care, Unity Through Diversity, Developing Youth Leaders, Curbing Violence, Culture-based Conflict Resolution, and Honoring and Healing the Generational Wounds of Women, Children, Elders and Men ~ Unto the Seventh Generation and Beyond.


If you’re interested in joining Grandmothers Circle the Earth, or forming a Grandmother Circle in your area, please contact us:


artwork by Aaron Paquette