Robin Youngblood
Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, Okanagon/Tsalagi, is a minister, teacher, author, artist, and a shamanic practitioner/healer. She has been a student of her heritage for many years. She has learned the sacred teachings of Indigenous elders from her own Native American tribes, along with Siberian, Polynesian and Aboriginal elders. As a healing practitioner, Robin offers Soul Retrieval, Aura Cleansing, Cord-Cutting, Crystal Healing, and Soul Readings. Robin travels the world, offering Medicine Wheel, Wheel of Relationships and Wheel of Co-Creation Workshops; Medicine Wheel Constellations; and facilitating Dance to Heal the Earth, as well as ceremonies such as Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest.
Robin has been a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council, which organized multicultural Wisdom Gatherings in several countries. She is also a founding member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, was Traveling Ambassador from 2009-2018, and helped establish Grandmother Circles and Councils wherever she travels. Currently, Robin is a board member of Sacred Earth Council, an organization dedicated to honoring the Sacred in all beings, helping to heal global trauma, systemic racism, and build sustainable systems in developing nations in order to restore balance and co-create a better world.
Since 2012, Robin has circumnavigated the earth four times, sharing teachings and ceremonies. As a graduate of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training, Robin is a Guide for the Wheel of Co-Creation, a method of working with others to co-create sustainable lifestyles that honor Mother Earth and All Our Relations.
You can find Robin at, at and on her new Facebook group, Birthing a New Earth. Robin is author of “Path of the White Wolf, An Introduction to Shamanism” with Sandra D’Entremont, as well as several music CDs. For the last several years, Robin has taught online Shamanic Courses through If interested, please email her at

Alyson Young
Alyson Young is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Shamanic Minister, Interspecies Communicator, Certified and Licensed Nia Instructor and Theater Arts Director and Choreographer. Alyson has been a student of Shamanism and Indigenous Traditional Healing Practices since 1993, receiving teaching and training from Elders across the world since 2005. Alyson has been offering formalized healing work since 2006, embodied movement classes as a healing, wellness and lifestyle practice, to people of all ages (4 to 94+) since 2011. Alyson was ordained through Universal Brotherhood Movement in 2009, and began her Shamanic Ministry apprenticeship with Grandmother Robin Tekwelus Youngblood in 2014, becoming ordained through Church of the Earth in 2016. Alyson offers hands on and remote Integrative Healing sessions for all beings. Healing sessions are unique for each individual and involve a combination of various techniques. Alyson also offers ceremonies, workshops, weekly movement classes and a monthly Women’s Moon Lodge. For more about Alyson, visit:  Or contact her at:

Deborah Dove Eudene

Deborah Dove Eudene is an ordained Church of the Earth Minister, Integrative Health and Empowerment Coach, Transformational Journey Facilitator, Nature Enthusiast, Environmental Advocate, Meditator, Mediator (trained in both NVC & Diamond Approaches) , Sound Healer, Singer/Songwriter/Song Leader, Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP), Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, and Founder of Mandala Connections. Deborahʻs passionate about supporting healthy systems on the personal, interpersonal and planetary levels and is devoted to helping people reclaim balance in their lives and in the world. She is available for online sessions through Zoom, and provides support for personal and group retreats, workshops and trainings throughout Hawaii and beyond.
Offerings Include:
• Ministerial Counseling
• Health Coaching and Lifestyle Transformations
• Qi Gong,Yoga and Trauma Informed Somatic Embodiment and Awareness Practices
• Vocal Empowerment Sessions
• Integral Harmonics Song Circles
• Mediation
• Team Building & Group Coherence Practices
• Cyclical and Earth Based Wisdom Teachings & Rites of Passage Ceremonies (Doula Services, Baby Blessings, Coming of Age, Weddings, Conscious Uncoupling, Embracing Eldership, Celebrations of Life)
• Reiki Sessions & Attunements
• Facilitation & Logistical Support for Customizable Individual & Group Retreats, Workshops and Trainings

Samantha Sweetwater
Samantha Sweetwater is an evolutionary co-steward of the Ancient|Future – the World that will be manifest through our collective transition from the Age of Separation to the Age of Deep Communion. She is the founder and director of One Life Circle, a plant medicine ministry dedicated to evolving consciousness, humanness and civilization in service to the One Life we all share. And she is the creator of Soulucent™ Coaching, supporting high impact individuals to bring the majesty of their souls into the world as their love and leadership.

She offers these and other Healing Modalities:

• Soulucent™ Coaching & Soul Mentorship
• Couples Counsel
• Ancient|Future Personal & Public Ritual
• Present Tense Prayer
• Psychedelic Guide – group & individual work
• Nature Immersion
• Dancing Freedom
• Marriage ceremony
• Spiritual advisor to fortune 100 companies
• Eco-spiritual Systems Design Consulting

As a sought after soul guide, ceremonialist, and educator, Samantha is known for her joyful, compassionate presence, her ability to see and heal souls, and holistic integration of systems knowledge, embodiment practices and cutting edge science with direct listening to Nature, Soul and Source.

Her training bridges a lifetime of syncretic wisdom studies including multiple Native American traditions (Lakota, Cree, Diné Navajo, Tikelma and others), Raj Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Tantra, Mystical Christianity, South African Lion Shamanism, Integral Philosophy, a BA in Social Theory and Dance, an MA in Wisdom Studies, ordination as a Priestess of the 13 Moons, Reiki Mastery, Dream Coach Certification, permaculture training, and many years apprenticing with George Grey Eagle Bertelstein of Medicine Path N.A.C. Her first and forever teacher is Nature.

Her professional background spans a career as a professional dancer and choreographer, a stint as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, founding Dancing Freedom – a global movement training hundreds of facilitators and touching tens of thousands of people, founding Peace Body Japan, and co-creating Juntos – a nationwide training program for social entrepreneurs in Ecuador. Woven throughout these endeavors, she has practiced permaculture and earthwork, including two years as education director of Seven Seeds Permaculture. She currently serves as the Programming Director of Holos Global, runs One Life Circle in Mill Valley, CA, and works with clients globally.

Ruud West
Ruud West is a workshop leader and guide in the inner landscape, who supports people to reveal their true identity to bring their authentic gift to the world.
Ruud is a minister, spiritual counselor, teacher and workshop leader with 30 years of international and intercultural experience.
In his counseling work, he is a guide for the voyager in the inner landscape, walking next to the client to face and heal primal wounds caused by past experiences, and he facilitates the opening of the pathway to fulfillment, uncovering the potential of the true self.
Ruud has experience with community development as a guardian and steward of the evolving coherent field.
He is an Attunement practitioner with a passion for the healing arts.
On his journey through spiritual traditions, he has developed a deep experience with the shamanic path through sweat lodge ceremonies.
He holds the vision that all cultures and religions are beautiful flowers with one root turning toward the same Sun, uniting all people.
His mission is to bring people of different cultures and religious and spiritual traditions together, bridging separation.

Frans Hills
Frans is an African based shamanic practitioner with a passion for soft – strong masculinity while holding space for empowered femininity. Long term studies with Robin Youngblood and other traditional healers has led to applications of the medicine wheel in vision quests and consulting with clients and students across the board through rites of passage, coming home to themselves.
‘Life is smarter than we think’ a personal motto that makes for integrating difficult life transitions, deepening soul and intuition-based guidance.
“A bit of a rebel archetype, I often walk pathways where none exist or others may fear to tread – planting old beacons of wisdom, in creative new ways.
Full time masseur, yoga instructor, diviner, shamanic facilitator / minister, traditional healer in N.A. and African lineages, Zen coach and teacher, I am also a long-term student of systemic and family constellations, art therapy, and NVC.”
Current shamanic offerings: soul retrieval, energy clearing, sweat lodge, vision quest, divination, earth burial, ritualized art, dream analysis, reframing personal narrative and shamanic training.
Contact email: / website:

Tessa, Whirlwind Dreamer, will be accepting students on her “Wisdom of
Dreams and Sacred Waters” 9-month course by the end of 2021 and can be
contacted for distance healing, divination and counsel on

Tass Aumuller
Rev. Tass Two Crows Flying is a Shamanic Practitioner with a deep reverence for this beautiful planet and all life that the Mother supports. Nature is her heaven and she is a down to Earth practical magician. She has studied with many practitioners and holds a Reiki Masters certification. Her most recent Teachers have been with Grandmother Robin Youngblood and Peter Von Maltitz an Iqghira (Herbal Medcine Sangoma) in South Africa. She has been schooled to follow Robin’s lineage which is Okanagan, Native Americans who originate from North West America and British Columbia.
Tass offers Retreats, Vision Quests and is also a community Pipe Carrier.
Tass’s private practice uses Shamanic healing tools such as:
• Medicine Drum Journeys
• Entity Removal
• Soul Retrievals,
• Cleansing and Clearing Auras
• Chakra Balancing
• Transition Ceremonies
• Marriage to self-ceremony
• Work that Reconnects Workshops (Online and in Person)
• Start Right Here – a 9-month journey in remembering reverence of self and planet (online and in person)
She also is available for Online healing sessions for most of the above methods. Her book Bits in a Basket, a picture book poem for adults is being printed in the Fall of 2020.
Her passion is connecting with The Mother in Sacred Medicine Walks, either in groups or solo consultations. You may connect with her on
Her website is here.

Michelle Reid
I am here to SERVE, I am here to LOVE, I am here to INSPIRE, I am here to LIVE my TRUTH.
I am deeply passionate about being an INSTRUMENT of change in our World, working with Spirit for the Greatest Good of All. My life experience includes much travel and personal experience, 10 years in Horticulture, an Art and Design Diploma, and am a Mother to my beautiful Daughter, Isabella Hope. I have a deep reverence for all Life on our Sacred Mother Father Earth.
I am the co-founder, along with my Beloved Husband, Gordon Aeschliman, of Sacred Ibis, Hout Bay, South Africa; a Community gathering space for conscious events and Ceremonies, as well as our Community Organic Garden Feeding project, called GRACIE Love-in-a-Bowl, Creating Sustainable Food Gardens to supply food to our Economically Challenged Communities is one of the ways to be in SERVICE.
I have trained over the last 7 years under the tutelage of Native American Grandmother Elder, Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, Founder of Church of the Earth. This path is a life-long journey, which I began in earnest with my own healing 12 years ago. I completed the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, The Art of Living, Vipassana, Neil Schapera’s Shamanic Drum Journey Course and the South American Munay-Ki Earthkeepers Rites.
I am deeply honored to be a co-creator on this COE platform, and continue the Good Work upon the Red Road.

• My Training Courses Offer integration of the Native American Indigenous Teachings and Ceremonies upon the Path. These assist individuals and groups to grow deeper Connection to Spirit, Ancestors, and all Kingdoms and Elementals on the Sacred Hoop of life.
• My Healing Modality of journeying the Medicine Wheel and the 7 Sacred Rites, offers people time to realize their Dreams and Personal Medicine, their Life Goals, their Healing, through ongoing inquiry, Drum Journey work, Rituals and Ceremony.
• My Creative Gift in crafting Shamanic Tools assists in tapping into one’s own unique Creativity, through Process work with different Mediums.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.