Shamanic Ministry Training

Shamanic Ministry Training

robinwenergyThis is a two year intensive, via bi-weekly internet sessions including two five-day retreats with Robin at one of Church of the Earth’s International centers. Working in groups of four to seven, each student receives assignments from Robin and then reports back and shares in the internet sessions. Students will also have ongoing individual support from Robin via email. Retreats will give hands-on experiential training between students as well as offering group sessions on shamanic practices, ceremonial facilitation, building a ministry and community. This course is a contractual commitment, once accepted students are expected to continue through to graduation and ordination. Please speak to Robin about payment arrangements that will suit your budget.


Philosophy: Tenets; Beliefs & Practices; Shamanic History and Perspectives; Understanding the Shamanic Path; Using the Medicine Wheel

Personal Preparation: Clearing Obstacles; Connecting to All Our Relations; Identifying Masks & Mirrors; Aligning with Father Sky & Mother Earth; Setting Intention; Identifying & Activating Your Gifts; Awakening Passionate Purpose; Living in Authenticity & Balance

Spiritual Counseling: Clearing; Becoming a Hollow Bone; Checks & Balances; Aura Cleansing; Chakra Balancing; Spiritual Touch; DNA Activation; Understanding the Medicine Wheel: A Compass for Life; MW Constellation for Individuals and Groups; Shamanic Journeying; Extraction & Depossession; Soul Retrieval

Ceremonial Training: Clearing Space; Creating Sacred Space; Providing Protection; Preparation & Facilitation; Designing Individual & Group Ceremonies and Rituals; Holding Intention; Manifestation; Following the Ceremonial Calendar.

Teaching: Designing Workshops; Preparation; Organization & Facilitation; Transformational Processes; On-Going Support

Community: Creating & Maintaining Community; MW Relationship Training; Community Outreach; Community Visioning; Community Projects: Design, Preparation, Co-Creation & Process

Missions: World Weavers Outreach Projects; Creating Sustainable Venues and Facilities ~ Viral and Land-Based Villages; Fundraising; Social Networking; International Communications; Global Co-Creation

2016’s Shamanic Ministry Training Courses are full. Please mark your calendar and contact Robin in November, 2016 to register for the 2017-2018 course.