Medicine Wheel Workshops

Rev. Youngblood offers workshops on the Medicine Wheel, Medicine Wheel Constellation, Sweet Medicine Dance, the Wheel of Co-Creation, Shamanism, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Seven Sacred Shields. As well, she offers private healings and readings, individual and group retreats, and a year long Skype course called Path of the White Wolf. To inquire about organizing a workshop or retreat in your area, please email her at

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The Medicine Wheel
Learn to use the ancient paradigm of the Medicine Wheel as a lens to view your life and access the information you need to transform! In this profound and joyous experience, we will dance and chant our way to freedom! The Medicine Wheel is a method to understand life’s cycles and transitions; envision and manifest one’s life passion and purpose; release old patterns; access ancestral wisdom; connect to the Divine within; weave the web of interconnectedness, and integrate the lessons of life.

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Medicine Wheel Constellation
The Medicine Wheel is a natural constellation. The ancient used Medicine Wheels to understand the cycles of nature, the elements, seasons, and their inner and outer worlds. In Medicine Wheel Constellation work, one gets the opportunity to choose the area of their life they’d like to transform ~ i.e., relationship, family, life mission/career, co-creation, etc.  With your Guides and Ancestors, and the other participants, we will assist you to understand your personal positioning with All Your Relations, in order to create balance, harmony and forward movement in your life. This workshop uses a combination of shamanic journeying, sound, movement and journaling to create new pathways for your life. Is it time to write a new story? Well, let’s do it!

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Sweet Medicine Dance
The Medicine Wheel is the Circle of Life, and contains all the elements necessary for transformation. Grandmother Robin will share the meanings and aspects of each of the Seven Sacred Directions of the Wheel, then assist you to dance your passion and create a new reality!

The Wheel of Co-Creation
As a Mentor/Guide for Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “Agents of Conscious Evolution”, Robin shares the Wheel of Co-Creation. The Wheel acts as a catalyst and support for sustainable individual and community empowerment through the facilitation of community connections and co-creative planning. This is the time of Co-Creation! The time of the Lone Wolf is done. Together, we can envision and create in unity and harmony, in ways that restore balance to Mother Earth and All Our Relations. Join us as we explore methods of egalitarian, unified co-creation.


Seven Sacred Shields
Become a member of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Seven Sacred Shields, a foundation and protection for individuals, families, and community. As we weave the web of a new world, journeying and dreaming together, we will initiate Sisters and Brothers into this Sacred Society.These seven values are placed around the Medicine Wheel: East – Honesty; South – Courage; West – Loyalty; North – Wisdom; Above – humility; Below – Respect; and Center – Love. As we spiral to the Center, we learn to hold Unconditional Love in our Hearts. With Love firmly at the Core of our Beings, we can then spiral out to give Love and all the other qualities of the Relationship Wheel to our partners, families, communities and the world. As we Learn to use these qualities in a deeper, more meaningful way it supports us all. In our broken society, these are the values that most need to be understood and re-integrated.We will close the workshop with a Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Ceremony.


Individual sessions, retreats, and workshops may also be scheduled. Please contact Robin Youngblood to arrange your event.