Shamanism Workshops

Shamanism Workshops


Shamanism Workshops, Levels I, II and III
Two day experiential workshops ~

Level I ~ students learn the history, cosmology, and basic shamanic tools, practices and guidelines of the shamanic practitioner. We will work with Shamanic Journeys, Chant, Dance, Drumming, Journaling, and the Medicine Wheel, learning to integrate our innate gifts.

Level II ~ Students learn to use Shamanic Journeys, Drumming, Dance, Ritual and Ceremony, Medicine Tools, and other Shamanic practices to assist ourselves and others to find the best and highest purpose; heal old wounds; transform negative energies, and use multi-dimensional, multi-generational tools to change, transform and create new realities.

Level III ~ Students will begin to practice their skills with other participants; learn to design and facilitate ceremonies and rituals for healing and holding sacred intention; perform Soul Retrievals, Cord Cutting, Aura Cleansing, Entity Removal, and many other shamanic healing practices. Through practice and demonstration, students will be awarded certification as a Shamanic Practitioner.