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Welcome to our ancient home. Our cathedrals are within the sacred groves of the giant trees ~ oak, cedar, ash, redwood ~ that give us breath under the open sky. Our prayers are for the pure waters of lake, stream, river that quench our ever-lasting thirst. We honor the gentle contours of hill and vale, and the majesty of Mother’s mountain breasts that feed our every need. We congregate with our Ancestors, the Swimming, Flying, Walking, Standing, Stone, Star Beings and Creeping ones who are our brothers and sisters.


Since 2006, Church of the Earth, a U.S. 501c3 NonProfit, has grown from a small community headquartered on Maui, Hawaii, to a virtual online membership and communities in the United States, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. Each member, online and in each community is committed to stewardship of Mother Earth, and responsible, sustainable growth, living in harmony and balance with All That Is.

Our lovely Mother Earth is suffering. She’s been warning us for decades. If we don’t stop devastating Mother with mining, air pollution, logging, etc., we will suffer more and more. Wildfires, earthquakes, floods, mudslides, and now COVID-19.  Even governments have predicted this, as well as the Hopi and other indigenous peoples. Its a time of tragedy for many, and we have great compassion for the families who have lost loved ones.

However,  the coronavirus is teaching us many things. We are realizing how very connected we are, and that every thought, word and action affects everything else.  We’ve seen air pollution practically disappear as we’ve stopped commutiong;  gotten to spend time with our children; watched animals return to their natural habitat because we aren’t around to prevent them.

Because we’ve slowed down, we have come to see and understand much about our lifestyles. Now we get to decide if we want to return to the past, or co-create a better future for ourselves and All Our Relatives. And, we need to know that returning to the past may well rob us of a future.

Church of the Earth is looking for partners to help us create the projects that will help us during this transiion. We have several smaller projects happening right now, and a couple of larger ones. Please connect with us via email if you have insights, projections, products, concerns, etc, that you would like to share.

Please join us. Explore this website to your heart’s content. Ask questions, come to a gathering, ceremony or workshop. Connect heart, mind, body and spirit to the awakening that is happening throughout the universe. We are remembering that we are one family, designed to live in harmonious balance with all others. Each of us has a gift, a purpose, and that gift is meant to serve the Greatest and Highest Good of All. Indigenous Elders around the world tell us that this is our time ~ WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for!


 All our ministerial work is through Church of the Earth. No one is turned away due to economic hardship. If you are interested in a workshop, course, retreat, or any of Church of the Earth’s gatherings and ceremonies, and have a financial hardship, please contact Church of the Earth. We’ll see how we can help.

We’d love to have you join our worldwide community! Just fill out the Membership form below. Membership is $170USD/year donation, and can be paid automatically in twelve installments of $14.75USD/month. As a Member, you will receive a 10% discount on the first event for which you register.

Your donations help us do our work, and our work is important! Your donations help us to help others.

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