U.S./European/Asian Tour 2015

U.S./European/Asian Tour 2015

Grandmother Robin Youngbloodspent early spring offering workshops, Women’s and Men’s Circles, and ceremonies in Oregon and California, and helped Nathan Standing Bear in One Earth Family’s Vision Quest. She then traveled to Holland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, China and South Africa in 2015 to participate as a Wisdom Keeper at the World Wisdom Gathering in Dalfsen, Netherlands in June, and the World Wisdom Gathering in Haut Bay, South Africa in November. As well, Grandmother Robin as facilitated the first Dance to Heal the Earth ceremonies in the Netherlands and Sweden, and the second year of the Dance in South Africa.


Robin facilitated Pipe Ceremonies, Water Ceremonies, a Women’s Rites Workshop, Earth Constellations Workshop,  the Wheels of C-Creation and Relationships workshops, a Vision Quest ceremony, and offered private healing sessions.



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