Church of the Earth is growing, and partnering with several organizations around the world. Grandmother Robin is a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council. The reason she was chosen for the Council, and the energy she holds, is Trust.  Trust is the understanding that Spirit will guide us to the place and time, the people and gatherings where the traditional teachings we’ve been given will be most useful. We trust that whatever resources are needed are being supplied in each and every moment. And we Trust that each connection supports Great Mystery’s overall design for our evolutionary shifts and transformation into a more balanced society that restores harmony with All Our Relatives in the Universe.


The Seven Generations World Wisdom Council guides the World Wisdom Gatherings offered around the world. Our mission is to co-create, evolve and promote a grounded wisdom based on indigenous traditions and values. This is to encourage understanding of the basic unity of all peoples and our intimate connection and interdependence with all creation and our Mother Earth. Many indigenous peoples consider our actions for Seven Generations and beyond, and it is our responsibility as a human family to carry this forward. While World Wisdom Gatherings are organized by local associations, the Council guides and co-creates with each country’s Wisdom Keepers.


Church of the Earth has growing communities in Hawaii, America, Holland, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and Thailand. Each community is autonomous, deciding its own pathway, projects and membership requirements. As well, Church of the Earth builds community through our workshops, gatherings, ceremonies and internet courses.

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Through Path of the White Wolf courses, Shamanic Ministry Trainings, and Ceremonies such as Dance to Heal the Earth, we grow together while sharing our unique individuality, becoming an ever stronger community through ritual and ceremony. All are welcome to build and grow with us.


Robin is also Traveling Ambassador for Grandmothers Circle the Earth, whose mission is to co-create Grandmother Circles and Grandfather Circles in many countries. GCE was created to Promote, Support, Nurture and Administrate a grassroots initiative comprised of Indigenous Grandmothers of all Nations coming together to Create Circles, Gatherings, and Councils; bringing Sacred Ceremonies, Wisdom Teachings and a lifetime of Professional Expertise to Communities around the World. International Grandmothers working together are addressing universal topics such as Community Development, Sustainability, Renewable Resources, Elder Care, Unity Through Diversity, Developing Youth Leaders, Curbing Violence, Culture-based Conflict Resolution, and Honoring and Healing the Generational Wounds of Women, Children, Elders and Men ~ Unto the Seventh Generation and Beyond.

As well, after the tragic Oso, Washington mudslide March 22, 2014, Church of the Earth is building a new retreat facility near Darrington, Washington. While this facility is much smaller than our original site in Oso, we will soon be able to offer Adult and Youth Retreats, Seminars, and Celebrations. Stay tuned for more on this!