We at Church of the Earth thank you for everything you do to help Mother Earth and All Our Relatives!

Oso tree

Your support after the tragic Oso, Washington mudslide on Spring Equinox, 2014, helped many of the survivors to begin to re-establish their lives. Your donations bought food, clothing, tents, and much, much more! Church of the Earth members and community members from Darrington, Arlington, Mt. Vernon, Everett, and many other areas in Washington came together to show their support. We needed your assistance, and every one of you opened your hearts to help!

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Please continue to support our work! As members of Church of the Earth, you are connected to a world wide community. Our Ministers and Members are working in many places around the world to support sustainable living, eco-spirituality, philanthropic projects, and disaster relief. Together, we are making a difference!

If your local community is looking for eco-spiritual teachings; if you are searching for balance and deeper connections to Mother Earth and Creator; if you want to teach your children to live balanced, sustainable lives ~ Church of the Earth can help. Please contact us at Church of the Earth.

We can’t support you with our prayers unless we know you. If you become a member of Church of the Earth and send us your prayer requests, we will pray for your needs. Gratitude is key, and Faith is the answer.

Remember, your donations help us to do our work, and our work is important! We are all part of the Family of Humanity, responsible and in service to All Beings through the Web of Creation. We must re-connect. Your donations help us to spread our work wherever its needed.


Rev. Robin Tekwelus Youngblood